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Gönderen Konu: British vs Austrians Report of Unhistorical Battle  (Okunma sayısı 2152 defa)


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British vs Austrians Report of Unhistorical Battle
« : Nisan 28, 2015, 11:41:00 ÖÖ »
(Yabancı sitelerde de paylaşayım diye ecnebice yazacağım, herkes biliyor nasıl olsa...)

Last weekend, we played a wonderful Black Powder game with my friend at Izmir, Kule Sakinleri game club. He has 10mm Austrians and I have British, while there are no sensible historical battle we can play, we decided that maybe changing history a little won't hurt. After a brief research, we saw that during Seven Years War, the British had committed some troops from the island to the Hanoverian Army to fight for the cause of Prussian King, Frederick the Great.

What if Frederick had asked for British crown's permission to use these troops after the French were repelled? We re-wrote the history, put those British under Frederick's command and placed them in the left flank of the Prussian Army in the Battle of Hochkirch. ( Historically, in 1758, the Austrian Army has caught the Prussians unprapared and after a fierce combat, drove them out of Hochkirch.

So here are our lists;
Austrians; Line Brigade (3 Line Infantry, 1 Jaegers, 1 Gun), Light Brigade (2 Line Infantry, 2 Jaegers, 1 Gun), Grenadier Brigade (3 Grenadiers, 1 Jaegers, 1 Gun), Cavalry Brigade in Reserve (2 Uhlans, 2 Hussars)
British; Line Brigade (4 Line Infantry, 2 Guns), Highlander Brigade (2 Highlanders, 2 Light Infantry, 1 Gun), King's German Legion Brigade in Reserve (2 KGL Infantry, 1 Dragoons, 1 Hussars)

The scenario was pretty simple, there are three objectives, one in town(5 pts), one on road(3 pts) and last one on the hill. (3 pts) Every routed unit also gives 1 pts. At the end of turn 10, the one with more scores would win.

Enough talking, here is the very photo heavy battlereport of the game.

A decisive British victory, Austrian advance is halted and King Frederick safely retreats from the field. A wonderful game, thanks to my friend Ruhi! I must admit that I rolled better than average in most cases, the Highlanders refused to leave the table every time and even the Small Light Infantry who faced Lancer charges did not rout the field. Maybe it would be better if Austrians concentrated better on town, but again, most of the time, one or two Austrian lines who faced the town were disordered by Highlander and Light Infantry fire.

All in all, a great game. And a great victory for me! :)

Thank you all for reading this, I hope you liked it as much as we did playing.
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