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Gönderen Konu: Nevşehir'den - WoD Hunter the Vigil  (Okunma sayısı 1750 defa)


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Nevşehir'den - WoD Hunter the Vigil
« : Ekim 12, 2013, 10:43:21 ÖÖ »
Bu, grubumuza oynattığım tanıtım oyunu, sonrasında Hunter'a başlamaya karar verdiler. Tanıtım oyunu God Machine Chronicles'daki aynı isimli hikayenin detaylandırılmış halidir. Sonraki 4 oyunluk mini seri, Hunter'ın official oyunlarının değiştirilmiş halleri olacak, sırasıyla Spearfinger, Blood Drive, Under the Skin ve Murder Will Out oynayacağım. Slasher oyununun finalini çok beğendiğim için sona sakladım.

O zaman önce tanıtım oyunu, oyunları İngilizce yazmayı daha kolay buldum.

300th Block

Cast: Richard Dawson (the kidnapped victim, common friend of the group), Sue Torres (young girl, Matthew’s sister), Matthew Torres (confused police officer, Sue’s brother), Dr. Vivien April (psychiatrist, cultist of God Machine), Morgan Roe (Ventrue vampire, wants to stop the cult activity), Father Gannick (Angel of God Machine, performer of sacrifices)

Pregame: 300th Block is a generally peaceful district, which maintains this situation with monthly sacrifices to God Machine. Father Gannick had established a “Boiling Room” in the tunnels beneath the Old Motel and here he burns victims selected by Dr. April. With her order, the victim is first interrogated by her in the police station and if she sees him fit, after his release, Gannick abducts and sacrifices him. After the sacrifice, Dr. April heads to the victim’s house with a small police team and destroys the “artifacts”, the objects that the victim most loved through a ritual. The child gargoyles are summoned in the ritual, they find and eat the objects. The artifacts are the bane of Gannick, he may not touch anyone who has an artifact. The last victim is Richard.

Investigation, Politics, Socialize, Streetwise, Contacts
Hear rumors about the investigation of victims by the police before their disappearances.

Act 1, The Trail:The players gather to share opinions on Richard’s disappearance in a common café of 300th Block. Sue hears them and tells that her brother, who is a discontent cop, may be of help. The group contacts Matthew and he informs them about the investigation. He also tells that every time, a police team heads to the victim’s house, they guard the outside until Dr. April is left alone to do strange things. Voice of a prayer and wing flaps are heard. He also urges the group to be quick to go to the house of their friend, for Dr. April had left the station with a team an hour ago.

Empathy, Expression, Persuasion
Get Richard talk more open and give more details. (XP)

Contacts (Hospital)
Get information about Dr. Vivien April.

Act 2, Ritual of Dr. April: The group finds the police team resting at the corner of the street while an officer guards the entrance to the house. They make it past their ways home and find the door slightly opened, Vivien is about to start the ritual. She performs it and summons child gargoyles with a symbol, a strange machine part. The creatures spot the slightly enlightened artifacts in house and eat them, if the group does not intervene or gargoyles do not spot the group. In that case, one of them bites Vivien while others combat the players. After the fight, they most probably flee (XP) and leave the group in possession of the symbol (if they cared to take it) and of the artifacts that they managed to save. Vivien needs to be first aided.

Stealth, Empaty, Expression, Persuasion
Get past the police guarding the entrance to house.

Stealth, Larcency, Investigation, Science, Academics, Occult
Get inside the house without Vivien’s attention. Observe the ritual (which involves the cutting of victim’s fingers from his hand and making the gargoyles eat them to find his beloved objects) more close and find out that this is a summoning ritual.

Medicine, Empaty, Intimidation, Subterfuge
Apply first aid to Vivien and make her talk and tell about the victims. (She doesn’t know the location where victims are brought though.) Find out that she is a devoted cultist. (XP)

Act 3, Morgan’s Offer: The group is contacted by Morgan, who presents himself as a friend of another victim and a businessman with contacts and tells them about a cult based beneath the Old Motel. He is willing to help and supplies the group with a jammer which he says will call for help if the group needs. The jammer actually sends electromagnetic waves and temporarily stops the “supernatural free” (apart from the servants of God Machine) zone of the “Boiling Room” and must be activated near the room, but this information is not revealed yet. This zone is the reason why the 300th Block is more peaceful; no supernatural, less crime, so no vampire activity and income. He gives them a few guns if they need and wishes them luck. The group then goes to the Old Motel and sneaks to the tunnels beneath.

Empathy, Subterfuge, Socialize, Contacts
Discover Morgan’s blank points in his story, learn more about him. (XP)

Academics, Occult
Examine the symbols at the entrance of Boiling Room. They are close to the symbols of cultures which perform human sacrifice. (Ancient American, Egpyp and Roman cults, also Nazi boiler cabins.)

Act 4, The Boiler Room: The players reach the Boiling Room, a place where there are many statues of gargoyles (this time, adults) and another statue of a giant gargoyle. They are welcomed by Father Gannick and he tells his story of how he found the God in a cave in Africa, his life ended and he served the God Machine thereafter. He also explains the human sacrifice is necessary and many cultures did this to maintain peace and order. If he cannot reason with the group, he will try to attack and will not succeed if they have the artifacts. Gannick then activates the adult gargoyles who try to stop the group, before they can put the machine part in the Boiler Room’s control panel and destroy the place. (The part, if carried with them, acts like a magnet, drawing itself to the panel.) If the group has the jammer, they are swarmed by gargoyles and need to activate it. After a short while, a vampire special operations team enters the area with exploding a wall and joins the fight. The giant is gargoyle comes alive and it is all chaos now. The players need to reach the panel and put the machine part here, or they have to grab the explosive device and use it on panel, which was carried by a vampire who is killed by gargoyles. After the destruction of panel (XP), Gannick will die and the group has to run away from the ruined tunnels.

Crafts, Computer
Activate the explosive device or try to overheat the panel.

Athletics, Survival
Find a way through the chaos to the control panel.

Aftermath: The God Machine cult activity stops in the 300th Block and the area is now supernatural friendly. Sacrifices are stopped but other crimes arise. A new ground is opened for monsters to hunt and for hunters to protect. From there, another WoD game could begin involving the players as the same characters, as Hunters or as Monsters.
"If you're going through hell, keep going."


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Ynt: Nevşehir'den - WoD Hunter the Vigil
« Yanıtla #1 : Kasım 08, 2013, 10:34:29 ÖS »
Karakterler yapıldı.


Ascending Ones üyesi bir Religious Leader
Loyalists of Thule üyesi bir Detective
Ashwood Abbey üyesi bir Hit-Man


Abi her Hunter oyununda bir Ashwood üyesi olmak zorunda mı yaw =)
"If you're going through hell, keep going."


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Ynt: Nevşehir'den - WoD Hunter the Vigil
« Yanıtla #2 : Kasım 21, 2013, 10:40:47 ÖÖ »

Cast: Rosalie Tuttle (last victim, girl who fled from Fishtown), Rowdy Lee (Rosalie’s boyfriend), Franklin Kim (police dedective), Silas Tuttle (Rosalie’s uncle, Fishtown grandmaster), Black Moira (Lucifuge fortuneteller), Utlunta (the Spearfinger, servant of Askarana-Khul), Fishtown Youngbloods (young thugs and sorcerers), Askarana-Khul (elder demon)

Pregame: Rosalie had fled from Fishtown a couple of years ago, she didn’t want to be a part of the wicked traditions. Fishtown is home to a large family which gives sacrifices to nature spirits so the river gives them wealth. The werewolves in the area are also content that spirits are tamed with sacrifices and provide protection to Fishtown. Lately, Askarana-Khul introduced himself to grandmaster Silas and it wanted more sacrifice than usual, promising more wealth. All it wanted was to get a passage into human world. It gave its servant, Utlunta, the Spearfinger, a lesser demon capable of attacks that go in and out of body without notice, into the service of Silas and killings began. The werewolves, suspecting that sacrifices are now given for a source other than the spirits of nature, step away. The last sacrifice must have been one who shared the blood of the sorcerer, so Silas decided that Rosalie should die.

Act 1, Suspects of Murder: Spearfinger had removed the liver of Rosalie earlier. When the game begins, she falls to the ground in front of some of the players but there is no actual evidence until she is brought to hospital. They are interrogated by Franklin Kim in police station. Other players are asked by their officers to arrive there and link up. Next, they may want to see the girl. She is in surgery, will die eventually and Rowdy, his boyfriend may be the target of hunters’ questions.

Note: Franklin Kim will join Task Force Valkrye or VASCU after this episode. If one of the players is from these factions, Franklin joins the other one. If there are more than one players belonging to these factions, then another supporter NPC from a conspiracy may be put into the scenario.

Hospital, Police: Recent killings, livers missing on victims.
Rowdy: About Rosalie and Fishtown. (Rowdy doesn’t know every detail about witchcraft, just little bizarre customs that Rosalie spoke of.) (XP)

Act 2, Nature’s Gift: The players interrogate the crimes and ask about Fishtown. In case they want to pay a visit to Fishtown, they find Silas and his men return from fishing. The river seems to have given a blessing to them. Silas is sorry for Rosalie’s loss but depicts her as arrogant and selfish, not caring about the “family business”. He will give limited time to hunters about their questions, but he is not polite at all towards strangers who suddenly show up. Although he has not been in trouble with hunters before (mainly because the sacrifices were not as large scaled as now) he is perfectly aware of threats they may pose on Fishtown.

Academics, Investigation, Streetwise, Politics
Find reports and news of disappearances around Fishtown. Fishtown is pretty much wealthy. No other fisher group has the same success. In fact, the river seems “fishless” when they do not go fishing but when they do, it is filled with hunt. (XP)

Intimidation, Expression, Subterfuge
Make Silas furious and let him spill out something about Rosalie not caring about spirits and family. Find out the blank points and lies in his story. (XP)

Act 3, The Spearfinger: The players now have an idea that Silas may be a witch of some sort. They may research about the nature witchcraft and look for ways to fight a witch. Their research, contacts or officers lead them to Black Moira. She is an old fortuneteller from Lucifuge and did a name for herself hunting a couple of witch cults in the past. She is a little insane so is not fully trusted by other hunters. Moira explains that she is aware of Fishtown, their sacrifices and the werewolves. She thinks the recent killings are preparation for a summoning ritual, probably of a demon who controls the killer demon. Thanks to her connections with the minions of hell, she feels it to happen at midnight and tells she was readying herself for another hunt. She pauses for one moment and says she forgot to re-activate the protective charm of her house after the players came inside. She then crumbles to the ground when Utlunta removes her heart in front of players. Utlunta seems a little girl with a monstrous face, deadly to the hunters for her unmatched speed. During the fight, Utlunta claims that the players may not stop the coming of his master, she will also mock about Silas if asked whether he summoned him or not. After a small combat, Utlunta is called back and vanishes.

Investigation, Occult, Contacts
Learn about Black Moira (XP) and old legends about how the spirits of nature can give life to water and witchcraft. Find a protective charm that stops the demons from using their supernatural speed and reflexes in Moira’s place, or obtain it from contacts. (XP)

Act 4, Burn the Witch: After leaving Moira’s place, the group is contacted again by Franklin. He doesn’t know the reason yet but his officers ordered him to link with the players. The group needs to stop the summoning ritual at the house of Silas which will be guarded by the family young bloods. Whether they storm Fishtown with automatic rifles or try to sneak in the house is up to the players. Any physical harm given to Silas is sufficient to stop the ritual, but Utlunta will be ready near, protecting him. Franklin also calls police support once he gets an idea of what is going on but cops do not arrive before it is evident if players succeed or not. If the ritual is prevented (XP) Askarana-Khul enters the world in a weak spirit form and vanishes from sight. If the players are drawn back, the demon enters the world in a strong form, kills Silas and vanishes. In that case, no player can take a Status Merit in his compact or conspiracy with the experience gained. Cops arrive if called and after the scene, a woman whose shadow reflects a wolf is seen to get away after she observed the outcome.

Stealth, Larceny
Get inside Fishtown quiet. Come close to the house of Silas without the notice of guards.

Aftermath: The cops arrive and arrest every Fishtown family member present in the ritual. In either case, Askarana-Khul enters the world and starts to hide in order to regain strength. The players may gain Status in their group if they succeeded in stopping Silas. The female werewolf is not content that the cult has ended but she is also not sure about the threats the demon can pose.
"If you're going through hell, keep going."


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Ynt: Nevşehir'den - WoD Hunter the Vigil
« Yanıtla #3 : Kasım 21, 2013, 10:48:22 ÖÖ »
İlk oyunumuzu geride bıraktık. Grup gayet merhametsiz bir şekilde Fishtown'a sızıp neredeyse tüm aile üyelerini katletti =) Spearfinger'ın süper reflexlerini bir vodoo tokmağıyla yavaşlattılar ve Spearfinger iki kişiyi öldürmenin eşiğine gelse de bir şekilde Silas'ı vurup ritüeli durdurdular.

Orjinal Spearfinger oyunun oldukça değiştirdim. Fishtown, Witchfinders kitabındaki bir hikayeydi ve bunu kullanmayı daha hoş buldum. Elder demon da son oyun olacak olan Murder Will Out'un ana kötüsü, buradan itibaren dahil ettim.
"If you're going through hell, keep going."


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Ynt: Nevşehir'den - WoD Hunter the Vigil
« Yanıtla #4 : Aralık 27, 2013, 09:49:12 ÖÖ »
Blood Drive

Cast: Heinrich Koenig (Barret Commision businessman), Dean “Dino” Garrety (the vampire to be taken away), John Henry Robard (retired Union hunter), Blood Mummer (the avenger creature), Jerzy Novak (Ashwood Abbey officer), Carlee Bristow (the Hound, Gangrel mistress), KJ-Tourniquet-Milton (Carlee’s band, Mekhet, Nosferatu and Ventrue in order)

Pregame: Dino is a vampire who is at odds with the Prince. The Hound, Carlee is sent to finish him. Dino revealed some crucial information about the financial weak spots of big vampire controlled companies to Barret Comission and in return, asked for safe departure from the country.

Politics, Socialize, Contacts
Learn more about Heinrich and Barret Comission.

Act 1, The Refugee: The group receives instructions to meet Heinrich in his office. If they’re not working with a group, then Heinrich may contact them. He tells about Dino’s deal and asks the group to escort him, with a van he provides. (Dino’s afraid of flying if asked.) He also gives hunters the locations of some hunter friendly places along the road such as John’s Motel and the Hunting Lodge. Right now, Dino is hiding at Travesty, a night club and violence forbidden zone for vampires. (The Elysium) Once the players arrive, Dino links with them and the group leaves town. He is a funny and childish figure but also a powerful and dangerous vampire.

Investigation, Streetwise, Contacts
Hear rumors both true and false about Dino. (XP) True rumors: Dino’s been in the city for 20 years, he doesn’t have many friends, he knows things. False rumors: Dino’s young, Dino is not a danger.

Act 2, Babysitting: During the road, Dino has to be taken care of. The group needs to hide him from daylight and let him find blood at night. His nasty jokes and irritating personality do no good. He does not agree to travel in daytime and insists that they hit the road at night, so the group has to find somewhere to stay at sunrise. Also, Dino has a secret passion, he does not kill often but when he tastes the blood of young blond girls, he cannot stop and drains them dry. The group has to face the fact about being a hunter and in the same time, protecting a monster.

Travel safe with Dino unharmed. (XP) Do not let him kill innocents or lose himself to frenzy. Find him blood for the night, players may also offer themselves as blood source if they wish. Dino is not directly rude towards the hunters but he can be real bad if tempted.

Act 3, Past Crimes: Group arrives at John’s Motel. Blood Mummer also rises from the graveyard nearby. John welcomes them and while he is not content about a vampire coming to his place, he does not turn them down. (If the group does not rest at the Motel, then Blood Mummer rises near another place they rest.) The Blood Mummer is a vampire-like creature who wants revenge from Dino and attacks the group while they rest. He is incredibly strong against vampires and will knock Dino unconscious, giving players a choice, let Mummer take him or fight (XP) until death.

Learn the true story of Mummer from Dino. (XP) Mummer was a hunter years before but he had been possessed and led his comrades to their doom in the hands of a group of vampires, including Dino. He had been left for dead but somehow, the mixture of vampire and human blood transformed him into the creature he is now. Dino is not proud of what he had done, but he is neither sorry.

Act 4, Best Wishes of Prince: The group arrives at the Hunting Lodge. This is an Ashwood club where hunters gather for wilderness hunts. Here, Jerzy invites them to a party where they experience a series of torture on a cat woman. The group witnesses the craziness of Ashwood members here. Dino seems to enjoy the show though. After they leave the Lodge, they are first pursued, then attacked by Carlee and her band. The Hound and her team had taken a night flight to a nearby city and then had made their way for Dino, locating him with a spell. They open fire on the group from their vehicle and try to get them off the road by hitting their car. After a while, they block the road and jump out of the car, now the group has to fight their way on. (XP) Carlee is a wild, seemingly young Gangrel, KJ a sadistic Mekhet, Tourniquet a towering Nosferatu beast and Milton a Ventrue gangster.

Expression, Intimidation, Persuasion, Subterfuge
Make Dino talk more about his enemies, have him explain about Carlee and her band.

Drive, Firearms, Survival
Do not let Carlee ruin the van in car-chase and don't take any pre-battle car crash damage. Predict where the attack will come from after the chase is over.

Aftermath: The group arrives near the border and Dino thanks them for the trip. He says he can take care of himself from now on and leaves the group. If the players have personal goals or they’re after some information and Dino is content at the end of ride, he will be as helpful as he can, (XP) if he knows about the subject. (Note that Dino’s been in the city a long time and he knows a great deal of things.) Along the story, the focus of the enemies are more towards Dino than the group, if they succeed in killing him, they will leave the players alone. In that case, none of the players may spend the experience points they earned from this game to gain status in their groups.
"If you're going through hell, keep going."


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Ynt: Nevşehir'den - WoD Hunter the Vigil
« Yanıtla #5 : Aralık 27, 2013, 09:56:50 ÖÖ »
Uzun bir aradan sonra 2. oyunu oynadık. Klasik Blood Drive oyunundaki kötüleri değiştirdim, oyunculara vampir dünyasını biraz tanıtmak için Elysium, Prince, Hound gibi kavramları oyuna soktum. Oyun beklemediğim kadar eğlenceli geçti, hatunlardan biri Dino'yla yattı  :D (Hayır Nihan değil, Nihan Religious Leader oynuyor. Ve hayır onu buna ben zorlamadım...) Hound'la olan Encounter çok zorlu geçti, neyse ki Dino Frenzy'ye girip olayı çözdü.
"If you're going through hell, keep going."