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Başlık: Alma River - Black Powder Photoheavy Battrep
Gönderen: Barbar139 - Eylül 03, 2015, 03:54:08 ÖS
Last weekend, me and my friend decided to play the Crimean War scenario of the Black Powder core rulebook.

We played on a standart wargame table with 10mm miniatures. We halved all distances and used the scenario unit statlines.

The Game

Basically, after crossing the River Alma, British forces were advancing to take two redoubts. (Large to the British Left Flank and Small to the British Right Flank) Each redoubt was guarded by one Russian battery. Russians deployed two Line Brigades on table, leaving the rest to Reserve. British deployed all their available forces. British objective was to take the redoubts, Russian objectives were to defend them while trying also to destroy the British Cavalry Brigade.

British Forces: Line Brigade (4 Line Infantry, 2 Foot Artillery, 1 Rifles), Highlander Brigade (2 Highlanders, 1 Howitzer), Guards Brigade (2 Guards Infantry), Cavalry Brigade (2 Small Dragoons, 2 Small Hussars)

Russian Forces: 2 Line Brigades (3 Line Infantry each), Opolcheniya Brigade (3 Militia Infantry), Hussar Brigade (2 Hussars), Cossack Brigade (3 Cossack Lancers), 2 Guns on each Redoubt

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First turn saw British advance, Line Brigade faced the Small Redoubt; Highlanders and Guards faced the Large Redoubt. Russians split up to protect both. With some luck, before Reserves arrived I could soften the Russian Line infantry. Reserves didn't arrive first turn but they all came on second. Cossacks ran towards the Small Redoubt while Hussars and Militia went for the Large. My plan at Small Redoubt was simple, go forwards and take it! For Large Redoubt, I was planning to make a stand with Highlanders while Guards deal with Opolcheniya. When Guards finish the Russian Peasants, they would turn and take the Redoubt. A daring plan!

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Russian player saw the imminent threat at the Small Redoubt and he ordered the Cossack Lancers to charge immediately. My infantry formed squares but still took a good beating. We hold thanks to Steady rule. Next turn, Dragoons came to help and British infantry repelled the Cossacks. While this action saw Russian Cavalry take some losses, it undoubtly stopped my advance towards the Redoubt.

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British have a slow but steady advance towards the Small Redoubt. But the Large Redoubt is not likely to fall anywhere soon, Opolcheniya make a great stand against Guards, rout them completely towards the end of the game. Highlanders are left in a firefight that does not look good for them. On the small redoubt, unlucky dice by me saw that Cossacks are nearly unaffected by British volleys.

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And so the battle ends. With a last effort British take the Small Redoubt. But the Large one is safely in Russian hands and Russians also managed to destroy the Cavalry Brigade of British Army which gives them another victory point. That makes is undoubtfully a victory for the Tsar and Mother Russia!

Maybe the flanking action with Guards was not a good idea. I should have focused all my fire with Highlanders and Guards towards the Russian Lines, break them and then try to face Opolcheniya. Highlanders and Guards alone could not beat up the numerous enemy. Still, a battle very well fought and a great game.

Thanks for anyone who reads!